Woven 22oz Tri-axial Glass ~620mm wide, 2m long


Due to lack of supply, we have replaced this glass with another 24oz version! You can find it under the Fabrics category.

22oz woven tri-axial glass fabric of highest quality.

Ideal for a pair of ski or a snowboard or a longboard/skateboard.


– 200cm long , ~62cm wide

– 50m roll, ~62cm wide


Application: There are many options of glass fabric to choose, however the 22oz fabric is one of the most used. It gets good torsion, good flex, it has good clarity. A heavier fabric would eat more epoxy (heavy and expensive), and a lighter fabric would give not enough rigidity. With 22oz you get the best of all, and if you wish to adjust your flex/rigidity you can do so by making your wood core bit thicker/thinner or adding a UD carbon stringer or even mixing it with some Flax fabric or roving which is totally natural!


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22oz woven tri-axial glass fabric of highest quality.

This tri axial glass fiber fabric is ideal for 1 pair of ski or 1 snowboard or 1 longboard/skateboard.

For a kiteboard or a wakeboard you will need 2 pcs of this tri axial glass fiber fabric!

cut to 2m length so it fits most purposes.

0/+/-45 degree

width ~620mm

price is pr. 2 lm.

0 ply: 283g ,1200 tex

+/-45 ply: 184g , 300tex




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2m, 50m roll