Bcomp Eco Flax UniDi. 120gms, 750mm wide

12.00 "9.60"

Natural flax from Bcomp.

This material is 100% natural and excellent for all products. The stiffness is higher then glass fabric, but lower then carbon. Please see datasheet and try simulator to get an idea.

For sumulation use:

Density: 1350

Y modulus: 58500

Please see datasheet for more:


Another great property is that the material works well as a dampener. This means you can use the Biaxial and UD flax together or you can combine them with glass or carbon.

price pr meter.

Properties: 120 gsm,  UD fabric for optimum stress transfer and damping. Composite properties: Tensile Modulus 32 GPa, Tensile Strength 383 MPa

Note: This fabric will take  more epoxy then glass or carbon fabric.

TIP: pour the epoxi on to the fabric and then make a roll out of it. Then let it soak for some minutes. Much easier than try to smear it out.

Tip: Use masking tape when cutting it for better result!

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  • Low-twist
  • Unidirectional (UD)
  • Natural color
  • 750 mm width
  • 120 gsm weight

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