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Do It Yourself – make you own skis & boards from highest quality materials

Welcome to our ski and board building supplies, located in Malmo, Sweden.

The company Junksupply branched from a small board/ski building company in 2012, and since then we have increased our selection.

Prior to starting Junksupply, as an engineer and project manager, I started a small board building workshop, and had an idea of living my dream by making kiteboards, longboards and skis. At that time, there were not many shops around, so getting any material was very dificult. I used a great deal of energy and resources to get connected and source all materials. As a result of all my efforts, later on, Junksupply was created, as I was forced away from manufacturing and more into distributing. Soon it was clear how much need and gratitude there was for a material focal point such as Junksupply.

Junksupply is a company dedicated to support and help the private persons as well as businesses within board and ski building/making, worldwide. Our goal is to keep a compact and inexpensive operation and in this way offer highest quality products at lowest possible prices. The goal is to enable anyone in the world to be able to make own quality board or skis within a reasonable budget, and with prompt support.

We only offer highest quality proven materials used by the biggest companies around the world. Our ptex bases and topsheets are from European Isosport, ski and board wood core are from Slovenia, our wood veneer is from Sweden, the metal edges are from Austria, our fabric is from UK, our eco epoxy resin is from Spain etc.

We are an active part of the community. This is why we try to give best possible service in any way possible to all our fellow co-builders.

Please feel free to contact us at any moment.

Company info:

fylkinggatan 23a

21229 Malmo


VAT: SE810702767701

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