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Triax glass vs carbon and flax

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Ill share an interesting study done by Sami....

The test setups:

1. GF layup
0.5 mm topsheet
750 g/m2 (250+250+250) triax GF
4.0 mm core (fir)
750 g/m2 (250+250+250) triax GF
1.2 mm base

2. CF/Flax layup
0.5 mm topsheet
130 g/m2 UD CF
350 g/m2 (175+175) biax Flax
3.6 mm core (fir)
130 g/m2 UD CF
350 g/m2 (175+175) biax Flax
1.2 mm base

As you can see, I used different order for fibres on top and below the core, in order to be able to make modifications one way or the other on the final ski.

The full-glass setup I have found to be a good balance of longitudinal and torsional stiffness. Fully a personal opinion, also lacks proper comparison, but at least it seems to work well.

The CF/Flax setup is longitudinally stiffer than the GF setup, whereas the torsional stiffness is lower. Therefore, I think the best order is to put CF next to core, and Flax next to base and topsheet. How much thinner the core can be to get same results as with GF is difficult to estimate, but I think 0.2 - 0.3 mm thinner core for CF/Flax would probably be rather close.

When I get the ski ready and to snow I’ll share some further findings, but that will take a few months more.