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Usful layup videos for beginners  


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08/08/2020 9:30 pm  

Ill sort below some of the videos I like, that give you a good insigth into making skis/boards.

All in one, great video:

Pneumatic press:

Vacuum press:

Brokite making a kiteboard:

If you are novel to ski or snowboard construction and design, here is a great series of videos explaining how these wonderful creations are made and what its all about. Enjoy!

Jan Persson
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18/08/2020 7:56 am  


Nice to see that you have my video among the others! 🙂

I wouldn't say it's obsolete, but I have updated my process several times since. But the basics are the same.

I have moved as well and I reside in a much larger workshop now which will make things alot easier!

New web and video coming soon.




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18/08/2020 10:46 am  

Amazing Jan! Thats great! Yes, I found your video very good and useful, or especially for someone getting into it first time.

I am certainly, and I am sure everyone else here is looking forward to some new pics, videos, web and everything else from you!!! Looking forward!