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Here you will find topsheet. Topsheet is the most outer layer on a ski/snowbaord or a wake/kiteboard or even a longboard/skate.

We supply plastics from the Austrian Isosport. Isosport has best quality products in the world.

TPU Topshet stands for Thermoplastic polyurethane. It has good transparency, good resistance to scratches, good durability and it binds well to epoxy. Not suitable for sublimation. Graphics might be printed digitally. This should work with solvent inks. The butadien in the ABS reacts with the solvent and achieves good bonding. If pretreated e.g. a thin layer of resin that might make the other types of ink stick. TPU is a softer and more easy to work on topsheet.

PBT polyester sublimation topsheet, It is white. It is suitable for sublimation. Good strength and resistance, good binding to epoxy as it also has a mesh on the epoxy side to improve adhesion.

PA, Polyamide and nylon topsheet: It is the most expensive and highest quality topsheet. Ultra durable. It is clear and suitable for sublimation. The Polyamide is usually sanded and flamed and corona treated for improved adhesion. PA is a tough and more hard to work on .

In case you press at room temperature, make sure you wait 5-7 days before starting to cut your product. Also if possible, higher the temperature as much as possible, this will improve bounding.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you know how to turn the topsheet, which side is up/down! Check also for protective film! If in doubt contact us!
2115 TPU/ABS: The glossy smooth reflective side is the epoxy side usually. Can be tricky. Check for protective film which is the outside side.
4160 PBT: The treated and rough side with fleece is the epoxy side.
8210 PA: If sanded, the sanded rough side is the epoxy side. If not sanded then as for 2115 TPU/ABS, the smooth side will usually be epoxy side. It can be tricky. Always think about what finish you have on the outside surface and try to locate it. The other one should be epoxy side.

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