Ptex and Base

Please read first:

Here you will find ski, snowboard and wakeboard bases also called Ptex or P-tex. A ski/snowboard ptex base is the bottom part of the ski/snowboard or a wake/kiteboard. It ensures that the ski/snb glides properly and or a wake/kiteboard is well protected and glides well on the rails.

We supply most base or topsheet plastics from the Austrian Isosport. Isosport has best quality products in the world. Another manufacturer of ptex or topsheet plastics might be CPS or Socrep.

Bases are divided in Extruded and Sintered. Extruded are cheaper and produced by mealting. They are softer, slower, easier to repair, hold better wax. Sintered are more expensive and produced by pounding in shape. They are durable, faster, harder to repair. They can be added carbon/graphite to benefit quality. The quality number starts with 1000 and up. Extruded can be 1600, 4800 etc. Sintered can be 7200, 7500 etc. The higher the number the better the quality usually. Price reflects the quality.

You can find bases for ski/snowboard but also for kite and wakeboards.

In case you press at room temperature, make sure you wait 5-7 days before starting to cut your product. Also if possible, higher the temperature as much as possible, this will improve bounding.

IMPORTANT: Base or Ptex is flamed and sanded for successful adhesion to epoxy. Make sure you know how to turn your base properly. If not, please contact us for help!