Extruded Base

Here you can find all extruded bases.
Not all base and ptex is created equal. Extruded bases are softer and cheaper, more easy to repair. A 1600 base is cheapest base, very soft, while a 4800 base while still extruded offere much higher quality and durability.
Here you will find ski, snowboard and wakeboard bases also called Ptex or P-tex. A ski/snowboard ptex base is the bottom part of the ski/snowboard or a wake/kiteboard. It ensures that the ski/snb glides properly and or a wake/kiteboard is well protected and glides well on the rails.

We supply most base or topsheet plastics from the Austrian Isosport. Isosport has best quality products in the world. Another manufacturer of ptex or topsheet plastics might be CPS or Socrep.

You can find bases for ski/snowboard but also for kite and wakeboards.

Bases or ptex can be extruded or sintered. The higher the base number (1600, 6000 or say 7200) the higher is the density and the tougher is the base. 4800 is better quality then 1600 and so on. Extruded are the less expensive then sintered but they both have their pros and cons. Sintered bases are faster, more durable etc. but cost more and are harder to repair. Extruded bases do hold better wax, are softer and easier to repair. For each individual base see the spec.

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Showing all 8 results