Ski and snowboard or kiteboard and wakeboard Wood core

Snowboard wood core, Ski wood core and kiteboard wood core and wakeboard wood core.

Here you will find some of the best wood core quality grade for board sports. More or less you can select any wood core for any type of a ride, however some are better then other for your specific application whether it is ski, snowbaord, kite/wakeboard or a long/skateboard.

We have Paulownia wood core, which is totally natural and renewable. It gives some of the best weight to strength and performance properties.

We have Bamboo which is also totally natural and renewable. It is dense and strong it gives natural spring like properties.

We have replaced the Maple with local european Baltic Birch, which is a great, tough and durable product.

We have Poplar and Birch cores, which are also European woods, easily renewable and give great weight vs. performance properties for majority of products.

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Showing all 11 results