ICP 4160 coextruded PBT Polyester Topsheet WHITE (impact modified)(multiple sizes) (sublimation)

12.0014.75 "incl. VAT"

Coextruded impact modified, durable PBT (polyester) white topsheet for all categories. High quality topsheet for graphics sublimation/heat transfer.

This topsheet is fleece backed for improved bound to epoxy. A fluid epoxy will penetrate the fleece and bind well.

Graphics can be done with sublimation on the outside.

Read more on sublimation here: https://www.junksupply.com/sublimation-heat-transfer-of-graphics-on-plastics/

More durable and hard then TPU topsheet.

Price is pr. 1 meter. If more is ordered, then it is rolled and sent as 1pcs.


Coextruded Polyester pbt topsheet, impact modified, durable PBT topsheet.

Thick (0.4-0.45mm) durable topsheet or bottom sheet suitable for sublimation graphics!

High-gloss or mat, two-layer polyester cap top sheet with optimized property profile in terms of sublimability, color brilliance, scratch resistance and white intrinsic color.

PS: This topsheet is for sublimation and has no protective tape. It can be applied afterwords as application film.

how to apply it, se here,

Sublimation up to 180 degrees for 1-2 min. Please allow adequate cooling time.

One side is glossy (the outer side) and the epoxy side is treated and layered with thin fabric to give best possible adhesion to epoxy.

price pr.meter.

PS: This topsheet does not have a protective film.





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Weight 0.35 kg

PBT 0.5/320mm wide Glossy, PBT 0.4/490mm Matte, PBT 0.4/490mm Glossy