Snowboard Bamboo package

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All you need to build own Bamboo snowboard!

Read first how to work with the materials:

  • snowboard Bamboo , 1800 x 320 x 12mm
  • 25oz triaxial glass fabric or carbon/flax mix for great performance and light weight.
  • 24pcs m6 inserts,
  • 1.2L epoxy,
  • 4m of 25mm VDS,
  • 2 sidewalls of your choice
  • tip/tail insert filler
  • 1.8m topsheet and base of your choice
  • 3.6m steel edges.

Due to the nature of bamboo, it does not have loads of torsional stiffness, so it benefits from carbon stringers diagonally or carbon biax. You can add this separately for top and bottom also if you like.

We recommend you add one 100% alcohol wipe pr. sidewall at least, for cleaning and improved adhesion, read here.

Simulator example: splitboard simulate design example

If you need wood finish, you can get veneer here

1.5mm and 1.8mm ptex thickness only available in black!

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All you need to build own snowboard!

Item contains :

– 1 pcs snowboard Bamboo , 1800 x 320 x 12mm

– base + topsheet,

– 25oz triaxial glass fabric or carbon/flax mix for great performance and light weight.

– epoxy 1,2L,

– 4m 25mm VDS,

– 4m steel edges,

– 2 x sidewalls

– tip fill

– 24 inserts snb m6x1 (your choice of height)


Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Base color

Black, Clear, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Base type (if available)

Sintered, Extruded

Epoxy Resin

Compression Slow (60C+), Universal Fast (15-20min), Universal slow (40-50min)

Setup thickness - edges & base

0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm


ABS BLue, ABS bright green, ABS White, PUrethane Sidewalls (liquid) (add pigment separatelly), ABS Black, ABS bright Orange, ABS bright Yellow


PA nylon brushed pi28 350mm, PBT mat 490mm, TPU/ABS mat 320mm, TPU/ABS mat 500mm, PA nylon glossy, PBT glossy 320mm, Ptex mat 0.4mm/500mm, TPU/ABS glossy 500mm

Wood core


Tip filler

black 2.0mm, black 2.5mm, red-orange 2.5mm, white 2.0mm, yellow 2.5mm


10mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8.5mm


Bcomp Flax Biax/Carbon UD, Carbon Biax/Bcomp Flax UD, Triax glass fabric (select weight below)

If glass fabric selected

618g/22oz Triax glass fabric, 662g/23oz Triax glass fabric (300mm wide), 720g/25oz Triax glass fabric, None


VDS black 13mm, VDS black 25mm, VDS natural/yellow 23mm