ICP 2115/2117 TPU/ABS Topsheet CLEAR (multipe sizes) (solvant ink.)

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Glossy TPU/ABS should be on stock August 30th.

Isosport 2115, 2 layer, Clear TPU/ABS topsheet.

Gives a bit softer ride and is less durable then PA topsheet, but still great durability.

Epoxy Side: Inside of the roll, unless it has protective film, please check.

Protective foil should not be removed until your product is complete!

Printing: Solvent Inks works for printing. Print inside, on the ABS layer. Please before using in layup, do a small layup test with epoxy and see the end result for your printer. With some printers ink does not bind well and bleeds during pressing!

When pressed it will be totally clear!

Glossy: Shiny finish that is very smooth and reflective. (se picture in the bottom).

Matte: Matt finish that has same transparency but the surface finish is slightly matted for less scratch sensitivity. (se picture in the bottom).

Corona treated on the epoxy side (this looks like a very smooth glossy side).

PS: Please before using check if your topsheet has protective film on the outside. We try as often as we can to get topsheet with protective film but some batches do not have it. In this case you can tape the topside of your topsheet with clear application tape (ebay) or contact paper for protection of needed.


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Isosport 2115 –  there might not be protective film on this topsheet, please check!

TPU Topsheet made for kiteboards, wakeeboards, skis, snowboards and longboards.

This should work with solvent inks for graphics. The butadien in the ABS reacts with the solvent and achieves good bonding. Try companies that print on signs and similar.

corona treated to give best adhesion with epoxy.

the ICP 2115 is a mono film and is getting printed from the inside/backside.

At room temperature it might needs several days to fully cure (depending on your epoxy), so be patient.

it is not suitable for sublimation due to vicat temperature of 102C

PS: Please before using check if your topsheet has protective film on the outside. We try as ofen as we can to get topsheet with protective film.














this picture is glossy version. When pressed with epoxy it will turn totally clear!

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0.33/323mm Glossy. coruna treated, no protective film, 0.3/480-500mm, glossy finish (+0.1mm with protective film), 0.3/500mm, matte finish (+0.1mm with protective film)