Wakeboard / Kiteboard Package

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Build a highest quality wakeboard/kiteboard your self.

In the wakeboard / Kiteboard package you have all the materials needed to build a wakeboard or a Kiteboard

  • 1 Paulownia wood plank, perfect wood for core
  •  3m tri-axial 618g/22oz glass fabric 480mm wide
  • 14 x m6 inserts for salt water
  • 1.5m topsheet and 1.5m base of highest quality
  • 1,2L bio based epoxy resin.

Sidewall material is optional.

We recommend you add one 100% alcohol wipe pr. sidewall at leaset for cleaning and improved adhesion, read here.

Tip: On how to implement and improve insert/binding area durability, please read here.

Due to the fragile nature of these boards (we protect them well in double cardboard and Fragile marks and pack them tight for lower cost of shipping for you),it happens very seldom that some boards might split along the glued planks due to GLS/DPD not handeling them properly. If you buy 1pcs of core (2pcs gives more sturdy package!),  and there is some split due to the shipping, at best you might have a chance of getting a small compenasation from the shiping company after a long process in case of the damage. In general boards are always fixable by glue or epoxy if it happens so you will have a choice to fix it yourself. Another solution is that you send us back the damaged core and we send you a  new one. Buying this product you accept these terms.

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In the wakeboard / Kiteboard package you have all the materials needed to build a wakeboard or a kiteboard,

– 1 x Thick Paulownia wooden core

– 2x 1.5m tri-axial 618g/22oz glass fabric 480mm wide

– 1.2L epoxy

– 14pcs. inserts

– 1.5m Topsheet + 1.5m base

ABS or UHMWPE sidewalls are optional, as it is also possible to do sidewalls from pouring resin.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg

0.4mm clear ptex IS6000, 0.8mm thick clear Xlinked IS6000 Ptex, PA 0,3/500mm glossy, PBT mat

Sidewalls included

yes, no


ABS BLue, ABS bright green, ABS White, PUrethane Sidewalls (liquid) (add pigment separatelly), ABS Black, ABS bright Orange, ABS bright Yellow


10mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8.5mm


PBT mat 490mm, TPU/ABS mat 500mm, PA nylon glossy, Ptex mat 0.4mm/500mm, TPU/ABS glossy 500mm

Epoxy Resin

Compression Slow (60C+), Universal Fast (15-20min), Universal slow (40-50min)

Glass Fabric

630mm wide 720g/m2, 460mm wide 620g