How to work with our ski and snowboard building materials…

Dear fellow ski and board builder(s), the materials in our webshop are all produced in Europe, and are the finest materials available on the market. This means in order to get their full potential you might wish to follow some of our suggestions below when you handle and work with this fine materials…

1) Always use gloves. Use nitrile gloves when working epoxy. All materials are specially treated to work with epoxy, so never touch the materials with bare hands.
2) Be well organized. Plan everything and make a list of steps. Cut your material to dimensions, weigh each fabric piece and layer it all in the order you are going to use it. Remember your time is limited by the epoxy resin cure life/pot life so dont mix it before its time!
3) Make sure your workshop is clean. Before using the material such as p-tex base, sidewalls, fillers or topsheet in the layup, we recommend you wipe it with clean cloth and preferably with 93% ethanol or similar alcohol product. Due to production, transport or storage over some time and electro-static nature of the product they can accumulate dust, dirt or even stains.
4) Check before layup if the layers are turned correctly (contact us if in doubt) or if you have protective film on your base or topsheet. U can scratch it a bit with scalpel in order to find out.
5) If you order any carbon or glass fabric, when cutting it make sure you do it in suitable environment as it will leave a lot of itchy fine dust particles. If fabric fibers are out of line or seem damaged due transport, dont worry, just run your fingers in fiber direction to align the fabric back to normal. If you get any itchy dust in your hands, just use cold water to wash it out.
6) Mix up to 250-300mL of epoxy in one batch. Always by weight. Follow instructions. Mix well for 2 min. When applying epoxy to fabric, just let it soak in, dont work it too much to avoid air bubbles, spread it around and let it get absorbed. If you have possibility to heat up your press, do it, heat builds better product. Even little helps.
7) After pressing for the required time, take the product out and leave it to finish hardening. In general, you should wait some days, up to 7 days at room temperature, before you start cutting and finishing your product, this will ensure that all epoxy is cured, and that the bounding is optimal!

Thank you!
Happy building!