SKi & Snowboard & Kiteboard DIY materials build stock Update


All is on stock!

There has been 5% price increase i plastics this year. We try to adjust our prices as little as possible.

January 2023

Happy New Year, 2023, first of all!

The last year has been hard, lot of raw material shortages, the price increase has been drastic. We hope that this will go back toward normal, and that we can lower our prices within 1 year. Lets hope.

Our stock looks good for now. Raw materials are hard to get but still available.

We are still working on improving our stock and getting more materials available. Ski wood cores and snowboard wood cores are on stock for now as well as wakeboard and kiteboard wood cores. Ptex bases suchas extruded base, sintered base and 100% recycled and race bases for ski and snowboard are on stock. Grind bae for wakeboard and kiteboard is on stock as well. Steel ski and snowboard edges and inserts are well on stock. Bio epoxy is on stock as well as PU resin for formin ski/snowboard and wake/kiteboard sidewalls. From topsheet PBT, TPU/ABS and PA topsheet is available as opaque topsheet in white or clear topsheet from Isosport ICP 2115, ICP 4160 and ICP 8100 and ICP 8210. As for the filler material, ABS black tip and tail filler is available, but we have hard time finding 2.0mm thickness. Titanal for skis and snowboard is available as well as VDS rubber. Complete ski packages and snowboard packages, as well as splitboar and kite/wakeboard packages are on stock. From fabric we offer carbon, glass and flax fabric all available on stock.

January 2022

Happy New Year, 2022, first of all! It is good to say that the despite the global shortage on raw materials and price increases, there is still increasing numbers of board and ski builders globally!

Our stock is looking good for now, the plastic suppliers have informed about a new price increase of 5% from 1st January.

We are still working on improving our stock and getting more materials available!

January-October 2021

During the year of the pandemic a lot of suppliers have become blocked for their raw materials, in return it has become increasingly difficult to source materials. In general a large delay has been experienced. Further, the average price increase has been about 10%. This is reflected in our final prices as well!

Currently all stock looks ok. We are ready for the winter to supply all ski, snowboard and powder surf makers around the world.

There is a delay of about 5 weeks on IS 6000 wakeboard and kiteboard grind base. It will be 0.9mm thick and 480mm wide. The new stock arrival is expected about 20th October 2021.

August 2020

We have now created a ski and board building Forum for diy builders and our customers, on order to aid the discussion and improve the community both for ski and snowboard builders but also for kiteboard and wakeboard builders.

We have also created a Locator of all the small diy builders around the world.

July 2020

We are 100% operational, all ski and snowboard materials are on stock. Enjoy the summer and get ready for the winter!

April 2020

If you are novel to ski or snowboard construction and design, here is a great series of videos explaining how these wonderful creations are made and what its all about. Enjoy!

March 2020 – We are proud to inform that now we are distributing Kitech Kites, Ramp air foil kites made in Hungary, Europe.

March 2020 – Covid19, corona virus epidemy is not affecting our webshop.

We have now updated our stock with new materials!

  • Green ptex base from Isosport is7200 sinteredFebruar 2020
  • 0.9mm thick ski ptex sintered IS 7500 to be used with our 0.9mm thick edges.
  • tpu and pbt topsheet in sowboard width in glossy and mat version.
  • orange ski and snowboard abs sidewalls
  • orange and yellow ptex bases
  • surf fabric of 4oz and 6oz and 9oz

Dear fellow builder(s), the materials in our webshop are all produced in Europe, and are the finest materials available on the market. This means in order to get their full potential you might wish to follow some of our suggestions below when you handle and work with this fine materials…

1) Always use gloves. Use nitrile gloves when working epoxy. All materials are specially treated to work with epoxy, so never touch the materials with bare hands.
2) Be well organized. Plan everything and make a list of steps. Cut your material to dimensions, weigh each fabric piece and layer it all in the order you are going to use it. Remember your time is limited by the epoxy resin cure life/pot life so dont mix it before its time!
3) Make sure your workshop is clean. Before using the material such as p-tex base, sidewalls, fillers or topsheet in the layup, we recommend you wipe it with clean cloth and preferably with 93% ethanol or similar alcohol product. Due to production, transport or storage over some time and electro-static nature of the product they can accumulate dust, dirt or even stains.
4) Check before layup if the layers are turned correctly (contact us if in doubt) or if you have protective film on your base or topsheet. U can scratch it a bit with scalpel in order to find out.
5) If you order any carbon or glass fabric, when cutting it make sure you do it in suitable environment as it will leave a lot of itchy fine dust particles. If fabric fibers are out of line or seem damaged due transport, dont worry, just run your fingers in fiber direction to align the fabric back to normal. If you get any itchy dust in your hands, just use cold water to wash it out.
6) Mix up to 250-300mL of epoxy in one batch. Always by weight. Follow instructions. Mix well for 2 min. When applying epoxy to fabric, just let it soak in, dont work it too much to avoid air bubbles, spread it around and let it get absorbed. If you have possibility to heat up your press, do it, heat builds better product. Even little helps.
7) After pressing for the required time, take the product out and leave it to finish hardening. In general, you should wait some days, up to 7 days at room temperature, before you start cutting and finishing your product, this will ensure that all epoxy is cured, and that the bounding is optimal!

January 2020

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to improve our material choices for you guys this year, thank you for the support, we do our best to make as much material choces available for you! Thank you for the support in 2019!

January 2020

We will recieve Bamboo ski and sbowboard wood core begining of january 2020. Also green ptex base is scheduled to come on stock.

December 2019

We are expecting to receive black abs tipfill, white ptex base and some more materials 22nd of December. Happy holidays!

Ski, snowboard and wake/kiteboard carbon packages added on stock! Further more new ABS sidewalls and new ptex bases are on stock in multiple width.

November 2019

Now vacuum bagging consumables are added. Vacuum bagging film, breather and absorber fabric and sealant tape.

November 2019

We will soon get biaxial carbon fabric in 300gms weight. As for the bamboo wood core, it should come in on stock in December 2019. More colors of abs sidewalls coming in soon as well as thick ptex bases and fluorescent ptex.

October 2019

We will soon add vacuum supplies for composites. It will include all you need, a vacuuming bagging film, a breather fabric and a sealing sealant tape.

October 2019

We will get in stock soon preshaped snowboard snb wood cores. Further we will get a new option for ski and snowboard edges in 1.5mm step version and a ptex base in 1.5mm thickness in 350mm widht. Further more a black 1.2/350mm ptex base will be available. We are also working on new colors for abs sidewalls, hopefully december they will be on stock.

October 2019

We can now ship kiteboard and wakeboard kits/packages including wood core to all over the world at affordable prices. Australia, Japan, Canada, USA or similar. Please contact us for more!

October 2019

We are moving to Croatia, near Slovenia. We will be closer located to all our suppliers. For you as a customer the advantage should be more material selection in the future and also better and cheaper shipping options.

October 2019

We will stock soon surfboard glassfiber fabric in 4oz or 106gms and 6oz or 160gms version. Further more we will get glass fabric tape for reinforcement and we will also stock ultra light weight seamless stitched biaxial carbon fabric 150gms or 300gms in 2 layers.