Composite Fabrics

Ski and snowboard and kiteboard composite fabric. Triaxial glass, biaxial carbon, triaxial carbon and bcomp flax natural fabric for skis and snowboard.

Here you can find various composite fabrics. For top performance you will need to go with multi-axial fabrics. This means that the fibers are going in one or several directions in each individual layer.
0 degree along with +/-45 degree fabric gives best characteristics and eliminates the need for 90 degree fibers. This is called tri-axial fabric.

Use glass fabric for excellent and affordable fabric that can give you a great, durable product. Glass gives a bit more lively end result.
Use carbon if you wish amazing performance with stiff and responsive character, at any price. Carbon is lite and performance is hard and responsive.
Use Bcomp natural flax hemp fabric to get performance inbetween carbon and glass and be totally natural. This natural fabric goes well with carbon to dampen the carbon, remove the carbon chatter and improve ride characteristics and quality.