Delivery & Shipping, Prices

On the checkout you will be able to find a shipping price for your country/region. If your country/region is not listed, please contact us, we do ship everywhere, its just that for some countries the price is size and weight sensitive.

The orders and goods are expedited in 2 working days of the time of the order payment with our logistics partner GLS/DPD or Schenker or possible DHL Express or UPS.

All prices are incl. VAT.

We ship Internationally, please contact us for a quote!

For more detailed delivery policy see the following document.

our Return policy is specified in the following document,

Prices: We ship with GLS, DPD or postal office mostly within Europe (Switzerland and Norway and Russia included with extra export fee.) but also Internationally all over the world! Approximate prices are shown below. These prices are valid from 23. October 2019 and are subjected to changes.

Zone / Package weight/size 2kg (small/large) 5kg (small/large) 10kg (small/large) 20kg (small/large) 30kg (small/large)
Zone 1 7euro 10euro 15 euro 20 euro 25 euro
Zone 2 15/20 19/24 22/26 26/31 35/40
Zone 3 17/21 23/27 24/29 27/32 37/42
Zone 4 18/22 24/28 25/31 28/33 40/45
Zone 5 18/25 24/30 28/35 35/40 50/60
Zone 6* (approx. Prices) contact us for best pricing.
Rest of the world contact us for best pricing.
Small under 120cm length
Large over 120cm length
Zone 1 (1-3 days) Croatia
Zone 2 (2-4 days) Slovenia, Poland, Germany , Belgium, Holland, Luksemburg, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech
Zone 3 (3-5 days) Italia, Danmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland , Spain, Sweden, Rumunia
Zone 4 (3-5 days) Letland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland
Zone 5 (3-5 days) Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria
Zone 6 (4-7 days) *Norway, *Russia, *Switzerland
Zone 7 (7-10 days) Rest of the world, contact us for a quote. It is size and weight dependant.
For Russia, Norway and Switzerland contact us for exact prices

Timing:  Normally we dispatch the goods from our warehouse after 2 working days. Transit time is usually 3-6 days within Europe. It means you should get your goods 5-7 working days after order.

Some non EU countries (Norway) require us to put in your Personal number in your country in the invoice and export paperwork!

A bulky package is considered over 1200mm and also 1800mm and there is an extra charge, please contact us if in doubt.


For larger orders/bulk orders please contact us as the shipping estimate on the web page might be off.

Please consider the shipping cost not only includes transportation but also handling, which means packaging the goods, cutting the goods, sorting and other similar time and resource-consuming expenses.