Payment options and details

We recommend you for the cheapest option to do internet bank payment to us or use ‘Paypal payment to a friend’ in order to minimize fees. Please contact us for manual orders. This way you will save money!

We dont have a minimum order limit, but as we are charged by banks for any transaction, there is a minimum fee of 1 euro for card payments and 2.5euro for Paypal payments.

Credit card: We accept Credit card payment, in our checkout select payment with Visa or Mastercard.  This is a secure payment connection. 1% fee.

Paypal: We also accept Paypal payments. As Paypal fees are as much as 5% (all including conversion), we kindly ask you if possible to use another payment method. This is also better for the customer as Paypal charges you worse currency conversion rate then your bank would. We now make a custom Paypal offer for you, to save you money, just exit with Bank Transfer or Paypal, and we will send you email with payment request with best prices.

Bank transfer: Really the cheapest way for you is Bank transfer (internet bank transfer to our account)! On your checkout you can select Bank Transfer and we will send you email with payment info and best prices.

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