Carbon Fabric

Skis and snowboard UD unidirectional, biaxial and triaxial carbon fabric. All you need to build your own DIY skis or snowboards.

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  • UD lightweight carbon fabric 130gms

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    UD lightweight carbon fabric 130gms

    Uni directional – UD – 0 degrees carbon tape fabric.

    weight is 130gms. 50-300mm wide

    Carbon Heat Set Woven Unidirectionals are produced with unidirectional carbon fibres in the warp and very lightweight thermoplastic fibres in the weft. The thermoplastic fibres are fused to create a stable fabric that is very stable and easy to handle and cut. These fabrics are excellent for wet lay up and wet preg applications.

    pr. 1m length. If more is ordered then it is rolled as one piece.

    Fantastic fabric for improving your rides flex/stiffness, giving it extra pop or even making it more light weight.

    This fabric can be combined with our Bi-axial carbon fabric to get a triaxial performance fabric.

    Tip: Use glue to stick the carbon to the core before layup to make it stay where you desire.

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  • Bcomp ‘AmpliTex Fusion’ – Unidirectional

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    Bcomp ‘AmpliTex Fusion’ – Unidirectional

    Flax and carbon mix fabric, best of both worlds.

    ampliTex flax-carbon UD fabrics, non-crimp, in multiple widths and weights.

    170-225gms, 25-350mm wide.

    price is pr. 1m length. If more is ordered then it is rolled as one piece.

    Technical datasheet: t-flachs-5027-e

    Flax parameters: Density: 1350, Y modulus: 58500

    Carbon parameters: Density: 1700 Y modulus: 235000

    See guide on how to find averaged parameters for simulation


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  • Carbon Fabric – Bi-axial (300g)

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    Carbon Fabric – Bi-axial (300g)

    Biaxial carbon fabric, 300gms total in +/-45 degree direction.

    ply +45 degree: 150gms

    ply -45 degree:150gms

    After laminating the white stitching should disappear.

    pr. 1m length. If more is ordered then it is rolled as one piece.

    Great product for light weight and hi-performing application. Combines well with UD carbon or with UD bcomp fabric.

    Please simulate always first!

    Remember that the bi-axial carbon +/-45 degrees, will give excellent torsion, however, it will contribute in stiffness both in length and width of your product.

    price pr. meter!

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  • Carbon fabric 160g plain (pr. 500mm)

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    Carbon fabric 160g plain (pr. 500mm)

    Plain carbon fabric. Carbon offers stiff construction and looks amazing. It is also great for reinforceing or gaining additional pop/spring.

    Thread pr cm2:
    Plain weave
    Width: 100 cm

    Reinforcement fabric for modelling, motor sports, marine construction, and sporting equipment

    If you order more then one piece, it will come in one single roll, uncut.


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