AmpliTex Fusion 5027 Unidir. (25mm-350mm, 170gms-225gms)

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Flax and carbon mix fabric, best of both worlds.

ampliTex flax-carbon UD fabrics, non-crimp, in multiple widths and weights.

170-225gms, 25-350mm wide.

price is pr. 1m length. If more is ordered then it is rolled as one piece.

Flax parameters: Density: 1350, Y modulus: 58500

Carbon parameters: Density: 1700 Y modulus: 235000

See guide on how to find averaged parameters for simulation

Guide to the Simulator

Tip: Use glue to stick the amplitex to the core before layup to make it stay where you desire.

Fabric construction
Fibre type: Flax (EU)/ Carbon
Construction: UD tape
Fabric weight : select gsm
Ply construction
52% Carbon
48% Flax
Weft yarn
Textured polyester
Standard width: select mm


DATA SHEET: amplitex_5027_tds

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The fusion tape brings the best of two worlds: the very high stiffness of carbon and the light weight and damping of flax. Also both fibers have a very good compatibility, since they have similar thermal expansion coefficient and failure strain.

Price per meter.

Instructions: The flax fiber absorbs more resin.

Pneumatic presses with ~5  bar is recommended to make good laminate with minimum excess resin.

Vacuum press: follow this resin quantity recommendations: resin / (resin + fabric) = 60%
Spread the resin well with a roll on a flat surface or pour the epoxy on to the fabric and then make a roll out of it. Then let it soak for some minutes. Much easier than try to smear it out. 

For simulation I suggest you try to use averaged value of density and Y-modulus.


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Weight 0.1 kg

52mm wide, 225g/m2, 25mm wide, 170gms, 120mm wide, 170 g/m2, 340mm wide, 225g/m2