Bcomp Bcore 200 ski wood core 1900mm x 143mm x 14mm

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Bcomp no longer makes the wood cores. If possible to find again we will get them on stock . For now Paulownia is a suitable alternative.

Ski wood core Balsa/Flax core Bcomp ski wood core

This is the new ultra lite core from the Swiss bComp. Lighter than Paulownia about 15-20%.

bCore 200 – light balsa/flax mix wood core:  1900mm x 143mm x 14mm.


Tip: On how to implement and improve insert/binding area durability, please read here.

For simulation use: density of 235kg/m3, Y-modulus of 2200 N/mm.

The final core compared to Paulownia is usually some 10% thicker for same stiffness results. Please simulate.

weight ca. 900 g ( +/- about 80 g )

Price is pr piece!

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bCores® 200 is a structural core suitable for composite applications. The core is made of Balsa Plywood reinforcement materials to significantly improve mechanical properties, especially fatigue and long-term shear properties in length direction.
The balsa plywood ensures an exceptionally high compression strength and stiffness, which guarantees good bending properties of the core.

bCores® is the lightest wood core on the market.
Low density flat balsa wood veneers is combined to obtain a high-performance lightweight core with excellent shear and fatigue properties and provide typical “woody” feeling. Bcomp developed the core material specifically for skis but it also perfectly fits water sport industry.
The bCores are compatible with standard resins, epoxies being ideal.
All tests have shown exceptional core-face ad-hesion results, which is further increased thanks to the shear webs.

The bCores have a lower flexural stiffness than classical wood core.
Therefore the bCore has to be slightly thicker in order to reach the same flex stiffness as with a standard wood core.
For calculating the right thickness of the 200 you can use following core bending stiffness: 2200 MPa.

Processing tips:
In order to minimize the amount of resin absorbed by the core (as the surface is porous), use about 100-150 g/m2 resin for core-to-laminate . Additional resin will not improve the bonding, only make the ski more heavy! Apply the resin just to the fibres and minimally or none to the core!

Due to the vertical flax layer orientation the cores become a lot stiffer than you’ll expect before lamination. The flax bonds to the upper and lower fibre layer during lamination building strong torsion boxes.
Use very sharp blades when planing this core as it is sensitive, and leave the core longer!

Make sure you read these documents,

bcomp_machining_of_bcores(1) bCoresD200-processing-guideline(1) bCores™200_en(1)



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