Steel edges for skis and snowboard

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Skis and snowboard Steel edges. Steel metal edges, ready to be used. Sanded and primed.

For bending the edges we offer Edge bender Pro:

Read this before you apply:

Choose between 0,9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm or 1.8mm step steel edges for base thickness 0,8mm-1.8mm respectively.

Top quality ski or snowboard steel edges from Austria. Sanded and primed, for epoxy use. Please use gloves at all time!

price is pr 1m! When ordering more then 1 m, we will send it in one piece, except on case you order also a wood core with 1.8mm or 1.5mm edges that can not be rolled to the dimensions accepted by GLS or DPD.

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Steel edges for skis and snowboard.

We offer now a range of ski and snowboard edges that fit for various builds and match our ptex bases. We offer 0.9mm for light weight constructions, 1.2mm for standard application, 1.5mm thick for bit more durable build and a 1.8mm thick edges for ultra durable quality setup.

Quality steel edges ready to use.

Hint if rusty: If your edges get rusty from keeping in the storage for long, no worries. Brush or sand lightly the rusty area, but make sure you dont remove the primer, dont brush and expose the metal. The primer is there to make good bound to epoxy!

Tip: Prebending the edges and base to avoid tip/tail de-lamination:

Storage: Please store this item dry and wrapped in, so it does not oxidize or rust. USE GLOVES!

Top quality ski or snowboard steel edges, 1.8mm, 1.5mm, 1,2mm step and 0.9mm step.


0.9mm: 26g/m

1.2mm: 46g/m

1.2mm Lite: 38.5g/m

1.5mm: 45g/m

1.8mm: 64g/m

The edges are sanded and primed and ready to use. Binds very well with our Epoxy Resin.

Price is pr. meter. If you order more, they come on a roll as 1 long piece, uncut!

Quantity prices, please contact  us for order.

0.9mm here

thin steel edges ski snowboard

1.5mm here








1.2mm here


metal ski edges spec







1.2mm Lite version


1.8mm here


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Weight 0.075 kg
Type/Base thickness

1.8mm base (64g/m), 1.5mm base (45g/m), 1.2mm base (46,5g/m), 1.2mm base (light version 39g/m), 0.9mm base (26g/m)