Sintered ptex base GRAY 1.2/330mm

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Sintered base / ptex for skis and snowboard.

Please flame this base before use, or do a adhesion test first.

IS 7200 703 GRAU 2G2GV 1,20/300

Color P 7540 C

Tough sintered base for ski and snowboard. IS 7200.

Sanded and flamed both sides, however we do recommend to flame this material before layup if possible. For more tips and info read below!

It is 1.2mm thick, this should fit with 1.2mm edges with no problem. 330mm wide.

1m price, for orders of more then 1m, a single piece is supplied

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Sintered base / ptex UHMW PW for skis and snowboard.

IS 7200 703 GRAU 2G2GV 1,20/300

Color: Gray c428

This is some of the highest quality and toughest fast sintered base, UHMW. Ultra hight molecular weight polyethyline.

Width is 330mm and thickness is 1.2mm. Price pr.m.

Base is sanded and flamed on both sides for best binding properties with epoxy

Some manufacturers call this ptex sintered base for ski and snowboard.

This material is sanded and flamed both sides already. We recommend you flame it just prior to the layup quickly, in order to renew flaming and best adhesion, if possible,

Sanding and Flaming ski and snowboard Sidewalls or the tip filler material for best epoxy adhesion


before cutting, lay the base on a flat table for about 48h the base will start to relax. The heating tunnel is just a fast way to bring out the tension.

Storage: Room temperature with low temperature fluctuations. Humidity should not be too high. You can store it on the roll. If you recognize some wraping you can also try to wind it in other direction for storage.

base 7200

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