Sintered UHMW Ptex Base

At we offer the finest quality Sintered Base for skis and snowboard also called UHMW PE base ptex, produced in Europe by Isosport and similar.

Material is sold by the meter, and most common width is 330mm, and standard thickness is 1.2mm. However we also offer 0.9mm, 1.5mm and 1.8mm thickness, and width variation from ski width of 145mm to 350mm wide bases.

Here you can find Sintered bases, UHMWPE. All you need to know about topsheet and bases is collected here,

Sintered base can be sublimated at about 132C for 3-5min, with few minutes cooling time. Please do testing first for your setup!

Hint: Read here how to handle your sintered base to minimize warping and shrinking.

Sublimation lessons:

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Showing all 18 results